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365 photos, size: 29 x 36 cm



XL.BE 368 pages with spectacular and remarkable photographs. With a artistic lay-out by one of the brightest designers. Fly over Belgium as you have never seen before.


Flying over South Africa

The different voyages were spectacular. The expedition by helicopter lasted several months; from Capetown to the borders of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. “Flying over South Africa” is arranged by the 9 provinces of the country (which is as large as Western Europe).


Flying over Aruba Bonaire Cura

This book makes unique illustrations of the treasures of the Caribbean. Aruba with its picturesque cottages. Bonaire with its authentic character. And Curaçao with the characteristic city Willemstad.


Flying over Curacao

What makes Curaçao so different from the other islands in the Caribbean? Curaçao's secret lies in its sparkling palet of colors. This provides for breathtaking images.


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